It is odd to speak of such a thing as the Gonzo Arts.  I have the same queer feeling as I do  when taking about Punk, who gets to define such notions?  And why do so at all?

It is an opinion, shared by many and I include myself that Gonzo is more than a term to describe the works of Hunter S Thompson.  Gonzo has a Philosophy, aesthetic, ethos, politics, and perhaps a system of critical analysis.

Those see the connections between Gonzo and the greater world owe it to those who lived the Great American Gonzo Dream to help define it and spread it like an STD.

Why? Because by understanding the substance of Gonzo we can learn to approach the problems of our doomed times with sensitivity, honesty, and most importantly humor.  It is both a coping mechanism for weird and terrible as well as a perspective that takes us closer to the heart of the solutions.

The trouble is, you  need the kind the right eye to see Gonzo.  Like the Tao it can never really be described directly, and like the Tao one must unlearn to see it.  Objectivity is traded in for the First Person Narrative, Observation traded in for Participation, Facts are traded in for criticism and satire…the difference between Being in the Right and Being Correct.

In time, this archive hopes to achieve some kind of tangible documentation of the line that can be traced around the Gonzo Arts, just enough to get a hazy picture of the Gonzo Shangri-La.