Here is a list of fun Gonzo sites, steadfast deep in the Gonzo Arts.  These sites are not the total corpus of Gonzo sites, lord knows there are many.  Instead, these are sites that we believe can help further edify and advocate Gonzo as a art form.

Owl Farm Blog

The Owl Farm Blog, Owl Farm being the fortified compound of HST, was a blog by Anita Thompson (Hunter’s wife).  Sadly, the site isn’t online, but thanks to the Wayback Machine, we can still check it out.


Gonzo Today

Gonzo Toady

A fine site making an honest progress at the Gonzo Arts and well worth your time.

A wise site, truly.

Wayne Ewing

Wayne Ewing’s site:

Whereupon, you can get the video stream for the movies he directed.  There is also lots to read.

Mr. Ewing directed…..

ANIMALS, WHORES & DIALOGUE (2009) – Animals, Whores & Dialogue is more than just a sequel to Wayne Ewing’s 2003 Breakfast with Hunter which Variety declared to be a movie “that captures the essence of his [Hunter Thompson’s] jazzy pop journalism.” This new feature length documentary goes even deeper into Gonzo journalism with intimate scenes of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson at work writing, editing, and recounting the creation of classics like Hells Angels and Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.

FREE LISL: FEAR & LOATHING IN DENVER (2007) – Free Lisl: Fear & Loathing in Denver explores the most significant achievement of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson’s last years – the freeing of Lisl Auman who was sentenced to life without parole at the age of 21 for the murder of a Denver police officer by someone she had just met while she was handcuffed in the back of a police car.

WHEN I DIE (2005) – When I Die follows the creation of the Gonzo Fist memorial which Dr. Hunter S. Thompson envisioned thirty years before his death. The film details Hunter’s family and friends’ efforts to construct a 155 foot tower and blast Hunter’s ashes into the air over his beloved Owl Farm.

BREAKFAST WITH HUNTER (2002) – The film chronicles Dr. Thompson’s successful attempt to avoid being placed in the system – jail and/or rehabilitation – by rogue Aspen City cops that conspired to bust him for drunken driving on the eve of an important local election.