Taking the diseased social milieu of doom struck empire and transforming it into Art that tells the truth is no easy task, yet this is an element of Gonzo.

That it happened at all is a matter of scholarly opinion. Some see Gonzo as a dangerous Art form threatening the credibility of journalism and others a new way towards truth. For others, it is a perilous lifestyle fraught with danger at every turn, never boring.

Journalism attempts to be objective to tell an unbiased account. With Gonzo subjectivity of presence is a means, not an obstruction, as are psychotropics. The Gonzo methodology is a dangerous tool that transforms the essence of the situation into the twisted language of the psychedelic and psychoanalytic. Often what is revealed is the opposite of the founding intentionality.

To say it fancy, Gonzo turns the situatedness of happenings into a descriptive contextuality that emblematically inverts the purported purpose. And you get the American Dream in the Circus Circus. Such reconceptualization is differential and perspectival but not relative in its deconstruction. Gonzo has a sense of justice not to be trifled with by the casual observer despite its subjectivity.