The Good Doctor Speaks has an impressive piece mentioning HST and Oscar Zeta Acosta worth reading. The article is written by “Joe Barrera, Ph.D., is the former director of the Ethnic Studies Program at UCCS, and a combat veteran of the Vietnam War” and the title is COLUMN: Understanding the words of the prophets.

The prophetic nature of Gonzo is fundamental to its high moral standing. Divinations do not come to the weak of spirit but to those who can withstand the call of the Great Magnet. Gonzo evangelicalism requires True Grit.

Gonzo ethics are largely deontological as there is a duty to the story but also a higher commitment to the truth, for good or ill. The ethics needed to get the gig done are consequentialist. However, in terms of general morality, virtue ethics prevail.

The Gonzo moral compass aims True North towards justice, and this is not always legal, and that is ok because what is legal may not be ethical. Righteousness comes from a deeply felt passion for humanity and awe at all the wild possibilities in life.

It is an affirmation of life, the Gonzo way. A validation of everything good and life-asserting. A life of fun, play, and joy.