The is a Fear and Loathing board game, a thing of beauty.

An art project by designer Jonathan Baldwin. This game is based on Hunter S. Thompson’s film Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. The game comes with several plastic pill bottles with substances that look like real life drugs.

The game has a simple roll-and-move mechanic. Players can land on 3 different kinds of spaces. Yellow spaces make the player measure out a certain amount of a drug. If you land on blue, you get go on an adventure of do a fun activity. Red means you have to do a challenge that would be hard for someone who is under the effects of a certain drug.

If you are unable to complete a challenge, you have to move back 3 spaces.

Only one copy of this game was ever created. It was featured at the University of Southern California Fisher Gallery. If you want to buy this piece of art, you can. It costs $3500. Source:

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Whom would create such a thing?


Here is a link the brilliant savage mind behind it