There are many Gonzo texts, tomes, articles, monographs, pornographic doodles, threatening letters, and legal dockets.

And as the collection grows so too the method of wrangling them in for ease of access, edification and amusement.

There are some readily available HST collections and articles online. They are a great source of Gonzo edification.

For a complete bibliography on HST .

…but let us start with fun…..


Director’s Cut: ‘The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved,’ by Hunter S. Thompson


Fear and Loathing in Elko by Hunter S Thompson


He Was A Crook by Hunter S. Thompson


Fear and Loathing “Screenplay”


The Guardian

A fine paper out of the UK has a  collection.,8097,1419505,00.html


ESPN Hey Rube

HST’s sports page on ESPN


Commonwealth Times

The Hunter Thompson Saga: A savage burlesque in three parts, is a very good read hosted at the Virginia Common Wealth University.


Hunter S. Thompson’s brutally honest Canadian job request

You will find the story here.

A very good read indeed.


From Totally Gonzo

Big Sur: The Tropic of Henry Miller – Hunter S. Thompson (Rogue Oct. 1961)

“It Ain’t Hardly That Way No More” – Hunter S. Thompson (Pageant Sept. 1965)

The 450-Square Mile Parking Lot – Hunter S. Thompson (Pageant Dec. 1965)

Why Boys Will Be Girls – Hunter S. Thompson (Pageant Aug. 1967)

Can be found here:


Read 18 Lost Stories From Hunter S. Thompson’s Forgotten Stint As a Foreign Correspondent

A very good site with the following articles.

1) ‘Leery Optimism’ at Home for Kennedy Visitor (June 24, 1962)

A profile of Colombia’s U.S.-friendly president-elect.

2) Nobody is Neutral Under Aruba’s Hot Sun (July 16, 1962)

On the divisive politics of sunny Aruba.

3) A Footloose American in a Smuggler’s Den (August 6, 1962)

Thompson is marooned in Guajira, Colombia, smuggling capital of the Caribbean.

4) Democracy Dies in Peru, But Few Seem to Mourn Its Passing (August 27, 1962)

On the results of a surprising Peruvian election — and the military takeover that followed.

5) How Democracy is Nudged Ahead in Ecuador (September 17, 1962)

A day in the life of the American propaganda bureau in Ecuador.

6) Ballots in Brazil Will Measure the Allure of Leftist Nationalism (October 1, 1962)

On a pivotal Brazilian election and the lure of the populist left.

7) Operation Triangular: Bolivia’s Fate Rides With It (October 15, 1962)

On tin miners’ graveyards, violent strikers, and Bolivia’s crippling reliance on resource extraction.

8) Uruguay Goes to the Polls with Economy Sagging (November 19, 1962)

The Blancos and Colorados clash at the polls in South America’s most developed democracy.

9) Chatty Letters During a Journey From Aruba to Rio (December 31, 1962)

A selection of Thompson’s (sometimes desperate) letters from South America to his editor.

10) Troubled Brazil Holds Key Vote (January 7, 1963) – Text 1 – Text 2

Brazilians vote with the specter of revolution on the horizon.

11) It’s a Dictatorship, But Few Seem to Care Enough to Stay and Fight (January 28, 1963)

Reporting on the beleaguered opposition to Paraguay’s dictator, Alfredo Stroessner.

12) Brazilian Soldiers Stage Raid in Revenge (February 11, 1963)

Reporting on a grudge, a rogue military, and a murder in a Rio de Janeiro bar.

13) Leftist Trend and Empty Treasury Plague the Latin American Giant (March 11, 1963)

Hyperinflation, labor strikes, and growing instability in Brazil.

14) A Never-Never Land High Above the Sea (April 15, 1963)

On madness, paranoia, and bizarre happenings in the streets of La Paz.

15) Election Watched as Barometer Of Country’s Economic Trend (May 20, 1963)

Reporting on the military junta from gloomy Lima.

16) He Haunts the Ruins of His Once-Great Empire (June 10, 1963)

On the plight — and latent political power — of indigenous Andeans.

17) Why Anti-Gringo Winds Often Blow South of the Border (August 19, 1963)

On cynicism and disillusionment (and drinking) among American expats in South America.

18) Can Brazil Hold Out Until the Next Election? (October 28, 1963)


All of which can abe found here:


Hunter S. Thompson and the Death of Objectivity

Some good food for thought.


An Unpublished Interview With Hunter S. Thompson

A very good article, with background on HST.


The Hunter S. Thompson You Don’t Know

The article touches on the perspective many share, there is much to HST that has gone under the radar.